Meet Us

Elizabeth Loebl

Executive Director


After using the phrase "kitties and pitties" to describe the pet population in her household for many years, Elizabeth founded Kitties & Pitties in 2013. Elizabeth rescued her first pit bull, Bluto, in 1995 and developed an extreme affection for the breed. She currently has two rescue dogs, Frankie, a former bait dog, and Chloe. She also has a kitty, Finn, who she rescued from the storm drain in her old neighborhood.


Elizabeth's passion for animals is only paralleled by her passion for the law. She is a graduate from the University of Baltimore School of Law.  While in law school, Elizabeth served as the President of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and she currently sits on the Maryland State Bar Association's Animal Law Section Council. Elizabeth also has testified before the Maryland State Senate in support of various animal related bills. She takes great pride in serving as the voice for those who don't have one.




Volunteer Support

Marissa Lanterman

Lead Graphic Designer 


Marissa is a notorious cat lady with a soft spot for all types of animals. If she could, she’d have a menagerie, though her only cat Veruca is steadfastly opposed to adding any additional pets to their household. When the opportunity arose to help Kitties and Pitties, Marissa was glad for the chance to help some animals find their forever homes, and Veruca was glad to remain an only cat. 

Marissa is a graphic designer and an illustrator who lives and works in downtown Baltimore. A newcomer to the world of animal rescue, she looks forward to learning more about the hands-on side of things while working along side the wonderful directors of Kitties and Pitties! 


Board of Directors

Rose Flockerzi

Director of Social Media Marketing


Growing up as an only child in a rural community, Rose and her parents always had a menagerie of pets, including a goldfish, two dogs, and a cat.  Both her pitbull mix and cat were adopted from shelters and Rose appreciates the value of rescue work.  As a child, Rose often took naps with her pets, dressed them up in hats, and invited her animals to tea parties.  After being raised with so many animals, Rose views them as her equals.  


Rose recently graduated from Herzing University with a BS in Technology Management and a minor in Computer Science.  She recently relocated to Chattanooga, TN hoping to experience something new and leave the harsh New Hampshire winters behind.  Rose believes it is important to make sure that all creatures are given respect and never feel without hope.  For that reason, she enjoys contributing to Kitties & Pitties remotely and appreciates the dedication and positivity that flows within the organization.