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These stories are a glimpse of what motivates Kitties & Pitties. We love to hear news about our alumni. If you adopted your pet from Kitties & Pitties, please email us updates and photos!



2015 Adoptions

Special Projects

Project Pawsitive Kneads

Project Pawsitive Kneads was the perfect way to celebrate National Feral Cat Day 2013. Kitties & Pitties organized Project Pawsitive Kneads, a large scale TNR project in Prince George's County, Maryland, after learning of the growing tension between a feral colony caregiver and her neighbors. The neighbors were extremely frustrated by the increasing number of feral cats and had even sought sanctions against the caregiver through animal control.  


Highlights of this project include:

  • A total of 22 cats were humanely trapped from the the property.

  • Nine cats joined the Kitties & Pitties foster family and were ultimately vetted and adopted into loving homes. 

  • The other 13 cats were spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, and eartipped before returning to their outdoor home.

  • LIterature explaining the benefits of TNR was provided to concerned neighbors.

  • Kitties & Pitties also provided the colony caregiver with cat food and shelters to help keep the kitties warm throughout the winter months.  

The West Virginia Kittens

When Kitties & Pitties learned of this desperate situtation, we couldn't resist helping this bunch!  


Roxy, a beautiful tortoiseshell kitty, had lived most of her life outside. Her "owners" allowed her indoors to deliver her litter of kittens, but just four weeks later, they intentionally set their house on fire in an attempt to collect on an insurance claim.


Roxy sat outside with the neighbors as the house burned down.  No one thought the kittens survived, but a few days later, Roxy went back into the home and pulled each and every one of her babies out from the basement.  


Kitties & Pitties drove over 12 hours to pick Roxy and her babies up from Parkersburg, West Virginia.  They have all been adopted by loving families.     


There was nothing fancy this ten year old cat, Fancy, when Kitties & Pitties first met her. Kitties & Pitties was working on a TNR project in a Baltimore City neighborhood when we stumbled across the poor girl.  She was covered in fleas, her fur was matted, and her severly swollen ears had collapsed.  


While she had once lived a lavish life, her elderly owner had suffered a stroke and was left bed ridden.  The husband was overwhelmed with his wife's care and when the fleas became an issue, he put Fancy outside.  Kitties & Pitties transported Fancy to the vet where her ears were properly treated.  She recieved antibiotics and was provided with a six month supply of flea/tick preventitive.  


Today, Fancy continues to do well.  She was returned to her owner and now lives inside where she provides endless love and affection. 


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